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About us

Ideeimpresa is a technology solutions provider working globally, dedicated to empower and improve life using technology. We have been working since 2009, engaged in custom software development, legal consultancy with constant attention to highly innovative solutions. Thanks to our attitude to research and innovation, we can act as a key partner for the introduction of new disruptive technologies.
The solutions we propose are all proved in field by our experience and have strong basis in our deep knowledge of software development methodologies and processes. We merge IT, financial and legal competences to offer our customers a full support in the evaluation of the impact of new technologies and solutions. More than 60% of revenues invested in R&D in the last three years.

Blockchain innovations

Blockchain Ready consultancy, solutions and services for public and enterprise applications, focusing on:

  • security and privacy
  • legal impacts
  • applications for no profit & charity organizations
  • workflow management in distributed hierarchical organizations
  • energy management

Blockchain R&D focused on intercommunication and protocols.



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